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LLDPE BACK TO NORMAL "resin trading activity picked back up to a more normal pace. Falling energy and feedstock costs, in both the North American and International arenas, are beginning to negatively impact the resin markets"

PE RESIN WEAKNESS "Concern about the strength of the Chinese economy and associated turmoil in Asian equity markets, the Iranian nuclear deal, as well as uncertainty regarding Greece’s position in the EU have added to global resin market weakness."

MARKET DYNAMICS I "Natural Gas ended the week at $2.77/mmBtu, down about a nickel."

LLDPE BUSIER "The Polyethylene market was busy, availability improved and prices were down $.01-.02/lb, with the film grades giving back the most. The export market has slowed significantly"

WILL LLDPE WEAKEN THIS MONTH "Weak energy, feedstock and export markets are stymying producer efforts to implement their $.05/lb price increase for July contracts, several have officially pushed off the increase to August, and some market participants believe that even holding prices flat this month could be a challenge."

Trade Reports July 2015


WISHFUL THINKING? - Resin makers announce price increase for July 1 2015 (ExxonMobil) (Westlake) (LyondellBasell) (Dow)


WILL WE SEE EROSION? - Polyethylene activity slowed this past week. Demand seems to have stalled as implementation of the looming $.05/lb price hike appears increasingly unlikely for July.

Trade Reports June 2015

LLDPE JULY INCREASE FLOATED "PE contracts were up $.05/lb, recovering some of the $.16/lb of decreases seen Nov-Feb. Producers have nominated another $.05/lb increase for July."

Trade Reports June 2015


LLDPE SEASONAL USAGE UP "While some of the elevated domestic purchases likely went to meet increased seasonal usage, much of the aggressive demand is deemed to have replenished (film makers) processors’ inventories."

Trade Reports


ASK A LOADED QUESTION "So what is the current price for stretch? That is always a loaded question, bring a firm purchase order and we will talk."


Sysco Corp. terminated its planned $3.5 billion takeover of US Foods after a federal judge blocked the combination. With the deal breaking up, Sysco will pay a $300 million termination fee to US Foods and a $12.5 million fee to Performance Food Group, which had agreed to buy some US Foods facilities. Sysco had fought for more than a year to gain government approval for the transaction, which antitrust regulators said would hurt competition and lead to higher prices. Sysco and US Foods dominate a market known as broadline foodservice, which supplies school cafeterias, restaurants and hotels.
Trade reports June 2015


PVC prices moved up 3¢/lb as suppliers implemented their increase. There are no cost - or supply - driven issues supporting the increase. PVC resin plants are all back up and running after a series of planned maintenance turnarounds; the overall ethylene supply situation is looking good. A PVC resin price hike could emerge for July or August if the construction market picks up.



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Stretch: A Good
Business to be in
US demand for stretch and shrink film will increase by 3.4 percent annually to $3.1 billion in 2019

The storage and distribution market for stretch and shrink film will post above average increases through 2019 and account for more than half of total demand

LLDPE is leading stretch

Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is the dominant resin due to its competitive cost and durability in a multitude of conditions as well as its down gauging capabilities.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will see the slowest growth of any major resin through 2019

Stretch film will increase by 3.4 percent annually to $2.1 billion dollars in 2019, benefiting from advantages in labor and energy savings.

Pallet wrap, due to its superior unitizing qualities and specialized mechanized application processes for mass packing, will comprise the majority of demand. Product packaging demand gains will be spurred by greater prevalence of opportunities in bulk packaging and stretch and shrink label applications, particularly within dairy and beverage markets.

Stretch and shrink film advantages include cost effectiveness and source reduction capabilities compared to corrugated boxes and other packaging.
Trade Report

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Printed Pallet Wrap Sends A Message
Tamper Evident Palletwrap
Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Printing capacity increased. Western Plastics now offers lower minimums and faster lead times on all printed stretch films. (More...)
Litewrapper and logoBelow is the feedback I received from the inbound team.

1. The tool was really easy to use.
2. The stretch wrap held better than the current shrink wrap we are using
3. The associates like the fact that they could walk forward instead of walking backwards which is a great safety feature.
4. The pallets were wrapped quicker due to the shrink wrap being pre-stretched so they don't lose the width of wrap
5. The associates were able to wrap taller pallets because of the tool
6. Associates did not have to bend over as much
7. Some associates were using too much wrap because they were used to using the current wrap.

Overall they like the new wrap as long as the tools are available. We had some associates that ended up using the wrap without the tool because we ran low on wrap for awhile. They said they did not like it because it would rip easier and couldn't wrap as tight. I then explained why those issues were happening and let them test it with the tool. After they tested it with the tool I got the same feedback as above.
Stretch Film User Report
Western Plastics esta actualmente extendiendo
su mercado a todo Mexico y Latino America.

Western Plastics ofrece los siguientes productos:

Fílmicos para paletizar - Manual y para Maquina (Stretch Film)
Fílmicos para comida y frutas (Vitafilm)
Aluminio para comida - (Aluminum Foil)
Película para alimentos (Supermercados)
Hojas de aluminio para tacos/burritos (Pop Ups)
Charolas de aluminio (Aluminum Pans)

International (951) 695-1983
AIR-FLOW VENTED PALLETWRAP- APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS For best results, please use Air-Flow as follows More...
Telescoping of blown stretch film can be a concern in extreme heat situations
Telescoped Rolls

This is caused by slipping of successive layers of film causing the center of the rolls to push outwards due to the natural pressure of the film. Storing blown film in temperatures above 100 degrees is not recommended.

Another on time delivery
from Western Plastics

Destination: West Coast Floral Distributor

Longtime dropship repeat on 20" HANDYWRAP Ext. Core Stretch Film

Local distributor billing
No Western Plastics markings

Wrapped with care using Printed Logofilm and Air-Flow Vented Pallet Wrap (to promote product and brand awareness also encourages repeat orders)

And the shipment looks sharp!

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United Group Annual Conference

Western Plastics
wins 2014/2015


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Packaging: A Good
Business to be in
Global Flexible Packaging Market to
Exceed US$99 Billion by 2019

Flexible Packaging Market by value, the global demand for flexible packaging in 2012 was pegged at US $73.56 billion. By 2019, market will be valued at US $99.10 billion, registering a 4.4% growth from 2013 through 2019.

The report analyzes the flexible packaging market from the standpoint of processors, manufacturers, raw material vendors, and end-users such as pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage manufacturers and personal care product brands.

Flexible packaging materials that the report studies are: polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, aluminum, polyamide, PVC, and others.
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US demand to rise 1.5% annually through 2018. US demand for plastic film is expected to grow 1.5 percent per year through 2018 to 16.4 billion pounds, resulting in sales of $26.2 billion.
Trade Reports

LLDPE to continue gaining share from LDPE. LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) is the largest volume film resin, comprising nearly half of resin usage in 2013 and is expected to maintain solid growth through 2018. LLDPE's high strength source reduction capabilities have helped spur gains in multiple markets.
Trade Reports

The economy foodservice foil wrap
El Dorado Foil Logo
  • El Dorado brands offers a lower cost foil that works.
  • El Dorado Aluminum Foil
Cutterbox Foil and Pop Up Foil Sheets. More...
Stretch-it DSF
Static Dissipative Film

Dissipative stretch wrap for applications sensitive to static electricity.


Static dissipative stretch wrapped pallets are tight, secure and static free in one extra strong unitized load. (More...)


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Squeez Demo Roll
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Evolution Wrapper
Success Story
EvolutionJust wanted to reach out to you and let you know that after having your Evolution wrap machine using XP Pre-Stretched film for close to 2 years, we are very satisfied with its performance. One of my biggest concerns overseeing our night crew is giving them reliable and consistent tools to make their job as efficient as possible. Quite honestly, I don’t want them coming to me complaining about a machine that doesn’t work. Mission Accomplished!

This current configuration is fast, uses much less stretch film due to its strength and the machine is dependable. We also love the technical support we get when, at a minimum, is needed.

Continue to use us as a reference for future business. We are very satisfied and would like to help out fellow wholesalers as you see fit. (Read - Free Evolution wrapper)

Valdosta, Ga

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