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"The resin markets remained very busy and transacted volumes ran well above average for the third week in a row."

"New purchases so far in April have generally been against customer orders, and their burdensome old inventories are being chipped away by processors."

"Polyethylene producers by and large have already forgone their $.06/lb increase effort in April, while market chatter in the processor community is growing louder as the call for a $.02/lb decrease is spreading."

"ExxonMobil, Equistar and Williams currently have crackers offline, with a few more to come. However, after the next couple months the discounts kick when all crackers, some with expanded capacity, are expected to be back onstream."

"Polyethylene trading continued to run at a rapid rate. "

"Most PE grades shed half a cent again, except for LDPE, which firmed a half-cent amid better demand. Despite $.06/lb increase nominations, April contracts will roll flat at best and processors might even see their first bit of price relief since adeuce was removed way back in November 2012."

"Polyethylene producers might finally share some of their good fortune downstream and grant some small relief in April or May after achieving $.22/lb of increases since the last decrease 18 months ago."

Packaging Sources April 2014

Stretch Film Increase Letters (Sigma) (Paragon) (Amtopp/Pinnacle) (AEP) (Western Plastics) (IPG) (Berry)

FOODSERVICE MARKET NEWS Aluminum foil increase. Rolls sheets containers (HFA) (Western Plastics)

PVC RESIN PER CDI. PVC resin up 3 cents/ pound. All purpose foodwraps ,meat film and laundry wrap price increase follows. Watch this space (Anchor) (Berry) (AEP Resinite) (Western Plastics) (Pactiv)

The largest U.S. aluminum producer posted profit excluding restructuring costs and other items that beat analysts' estimates. The company also forecast global aluminum demand will exceed production this year, predicting an end to an almost decade-long surplus driven by Chinese output that has saddled the industry with lower prices.
Trade News April 2014

Western Plastics continues to offer a range of down gauged, high performance films designed to keep your film costs low.
The expanded HYBRiD80 line of film is available in:.

HYBRiD80 Banding Films
HYBRiD80 Hand and Machine Films
HYBRiD80 Wide Web Films
HYBRiD80 Color Films
HYBRiD80 Extended Core Films
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Keeping Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals Safe and Secure Don't compromise on temperature-sensitive healthcare packaging

Healthcare manufacturers need to protect their products and provide evidence their products were compliant within a certain temperature range throughout the transportation journey. Temperature-sensitive shipping specialists advise using dedicated healthcare services and technology that help protect the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products at every stage of the supply chain.

Airflow vented pallet wraps improve temperature control inside wrapped pallets - more
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Printed Films

Tamper Evident Palletwrap
Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Printing capacity increased. Western Plastics now offers lower minimums and faster lead times on all printed stretch films. (More...)

Flexible Packaging Market is Expected to Reach USD 99.10 Billion in 2019.

The global demand for flexible packaging was valued at USD 73.56 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 99.10 billion in 2019

Increasing demand for flexible packaging in the healthcare industry is expected to be one of the key factors driving growth of the flexible packaging market. In addition, expansion of the food & beverages market, which is the largest application of flexible packaging, is expected to fuel the growth of the market. Read Air-Flow Furthermore, rising consumer preference towards light weight, durable and highly aesthetic flexible packaging is expected to significantly fuel the growth of the market over the next few years.

Plastics have been extensively used in flexible packaging due to their high barrier properties, cost effectiveness and durability, and have accounted for over 70% of the market share in 2012.

Flexible packaging/plastics - A great business to be in. Read HYBRiD80 Plus Engineered Coreless
Trade Reports March 2014
The Drivers of Private Label in Distribution
EZ Bander BoxHigher quality, shifting competition fuel growth of private label

About 40 percent of distributors in a recent MDM survey said they offer private label.

This article examines the growth of private label in B-to-B markets, shifts in the private label landscape and what’s driving distributors to offer private label brands to their customers.

This is the first in a series of articles from MDM on private label in the wholesale distribution industry. (private label stretch film)



Litewrapper and logoBelow is the feedback I received from the inbound team.

1. The tool was really easy to use.
2. The stretch wrap held better than the current shrink wrap we are using
3. The associates like the fact that they could walk forward instead of walking backwards which is a great safety feature.
4. The pallets were wrapped quicker due to the shrink wrap being pre-stretched so they don't lose the width of wrap
5. The associates were able to wrap taller pallets because of the tool
6. Associates did not have to bend over as much
7. Some associates were using too much wrap because they were used to using the current wrap.

Overall they like the new wrap as long as the tools are available. We had some associates that ended up using the wrap without the tool because we ran low on wrap for awhile. They said they did not like it because it would rip easier and couldn't wrap as tight. I then explained why those issues were happening and let them test it with the tool. After they tested it with the tool I got the same feedback as above.
Stretch Film User Report


Field tested XP Prestretched film
A comparison of film used at a sales meeting just completed . Wanted to show the Prestretched opportunity to a large user now using the latest/greatest handfilm (non-prestretched) out there, Premium 47 gauge.

The pallet wrapped was 40x40x76
Film # of Rev's Wt on Pallet
47g(15") 13 10.4oz
WXP 55 w/ Handle 8.5 7.75oz
WXP 31 (on an Evolution machine) 9 6.75

Switching into the XP Pre-Stretched film from the 47g saved 2 1/2 oz of film, 20%, also saved walking around 5 times.

Moving from the 47g handwrap, to the Evo and XP film saved 3.5oz of film. 25%.

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Western Plastics esta actualmente extendiendo
su mercado a todo Mexico y Latino America.

Western Plastics ofrece los siguientes productos:

Fílmicos para paletizar - Manual y para Maquina (Stretch Film)
Fílmicos para comida y frutas (Vitafilm)
Aluminio para comida - (Aluminum Foil)
Película para alimentos (Supermercados)
Hojas de aluminio para tacos/burritos (Pop Ups)
Charolas de aluminio (Aluminum Pans)

International (951) 695-1983
Another on time delivery
from Western Plastics
Shipping today
Destination: S. CA (USA)
First time repeat stretch banding film order. (new product coreless)
Shipping today from Western Plastics California
Freight prepaid destination

Local distributor billing
Product: 5’’ HYBRID80 plus Banding film (engineered coreless)
(Stretch bundling film)
No Western Plastics markings
Wrapped with care in LOGOFILM printed stretch film to promote brand awareness and repeat orders for the local authorized Distributor

(Also shipment looks sharp!)
(Click to enlarge)
Distributor News:

United Group recognizes Western Plastics with 2014 Supplier Award

TUG award Congratulations in Order as Western Plastics Wins Foodservice Gold

2014 Foodservice supplier award at TUG convention for Western Plastics.
Latest news on U.S. prestretched film producers leadtime issues
Compiled from trade sources
A quick update on the status of our pre-stretched products. Our busiest time of the year for this product category.
XP logo
It appears that $.02/LB increase is already through and the balance has a good chance of going through as well. CMAI is already reporting the full increase is a done deal. We are moving lead times out by 1 week on all pre-stretched items and the order rate for all products has been high. Lead times are currently at 4 weeks or less for all products except pre-stretched which is at 4 weeks for standard and 5 weeks for made-to-order. Please look over your inventory needs and make plans with your customers to place orders by the end of next week if possible.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer February 2014

Ask about HYBRiD80 plus engineered stretch film, lower minimums, shorter leadtimes – click here
Editors' Choice

What's a Distributor's Brand Worth?

When we started our work on MDM’s latest Special Report, Private Label in the Wholesale Distribution Industry, the question was: What’s a distributor’s brand worth? The answer: Quite a bit – if that distributor is playing a bigger role than just passing product through the channel. Private label is another tactic for distributors to tie themselves closer to the customer.

In the now-finished Special Report, MDM examines the pros and cons of pursuing a private label strategy.

Read more about private label’s role for distributors.

Access the special report now.

Distinctive Private Label Box Design
Re-Orders the easy way
Your packaging as a calling card. New minimums lower than you think. Turns heads and inventory. Shorter lead times.
MDM Logo

In the recent quarterly MDM-Baird Distribution Survey,
nearly 60 percent of manufacturer respondents said they provided contract manufacturing for distributors’ private brands.
They gave several reasons for doing so, including:
Distributors require it of them. In the survey, some manufacturers said they fear losing the distributors’ business if they don’t manufacture the private label products. “There is a growing private label market,” one manufacturer survey respondent wrote. “Unless we participate, we will lose that share of the revenue and possibly see share erosion.” Many manufacturers produce private label with extra capacity. Read private label from Western Plastics

To strengthen relationships with distributors. Agreeing to manufacture private brands can help get branded products placed, according to some manufacturers. “(It’s) not as profitable as other parts of our business but helps to deepen relationships with distributor partners,” a respondent said.

To access markets they don’t already reach. Working with existing suppliers.
March Issue 2014

Did you know?

Trade Quick Stats
Produce Packaging
US demand for produce packaging is forecast to increase 3.3 percent per year to $5.7 billion in 2017. See Produce Film

Foodservice Disposables
US demand for foodservice disposables is forecast to climb 3.6 percent per year to $19.7 billion in 2017. Packaging products such as containers and lids and domes will achieve the fastest gains and will remain the largest category. See Foodservice Films and Foils

Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging
Demand for meat, poultry, and seafood packaging is forecast to increase 3.2 percent annually to $9.7 billion in 2017. Flexible packaging will outpace rigid, based on solid prospects for pouches and high barrier film. See Meat Film

Plastic Film
Demand for plastic film in the US is forecast to grow 1.8 percent annually to 15.9 billion pounds in 2016. LLDPE will remain the leading film. Packaging will remain the dominant market. See Hybrid80 Stretch Film

Trade Sources February 2014

Research and Markets:

Global Flexible Packaging Market 2014-2018

Analysts forecast the Global Flexible Packaging market to grow 5 percent over the period 2013-2018. The Global Flexible Packaging market has also been witnessing the growing concern for environmentally friendly packaging. The increasing need for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is another trend being witnessed in the Global Flexible Packaging market. The public in many countries are raising environment and sustainability issues against packaging manufacturers. Numerous consumer product manufacturers prefer using eco-friendly packaging material as it provides an opportunity to promote environmental sustainability. The increased environmental concern and the need to reduce pollution have led to more emphasis being placed on the sustainability of the environment, the use of recyclable materials, especially plastic, in packaging.

See Hybrid80 Plus Films
Trade Sources January 2014 (More...)

30 gauge pre-stretch on DP212

Endorsement of lighter gauge - 30' - XP for Litewrapper in Heavy Duty application - Brick-Yards.

Yesterday, I visited a concrete/brick foundry and wrapped a few pallets of brick and concrete blocks with the above. The workers claimed it better than their 90 gauge! I am now adding brickyards to my targets of opportunity. bet there are tons of brick yards down in Georgia with that red clay soil y’all got.
Distributor sales rep report (More...)

AIR-FLOW VENTED PALLETWRAP- APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS For best results, please use Air-Flow as follows More...
ARE YOU BEING RIPPED OFF? Stop stretch film cheaters dead in their tracks. Use this tool.
The economy foodservice foil wrap
El Dorado Foil Logo
  • El Dorado brands offers a lower cost foil that works.
  • El Dorado Aluminum Foil
Cutterbox Foil and Pop Up Foil Sheets. More...

Evolution Wrapper
Success Story


EvolutionJust wanted to reach out to you and let you know that after having your Evolution wrap machine using XP Pre-Stretched film for close to 2 years, we are very satisfied with its performance. One of my biggest concerns overseeing our night crew is giving them reliable and consistent tools to make their job as efficient as possible. Quite honestly, I don’t want them coming to me complaining about a machine that doesn’t work. Mission Accomplished!

This current configuration is fast, uses much less stretch film due to its strength and the machine is dependable. We also love the technical support we get when, at a minimum, is needed.

Continue to use us as a reference for future business. We are very satisfied and would like to help out fellow wholesalers as you see fit. (Read - Free Evolution wrapper)

Valdosta, Ga

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