For best results, please use Air-Flow as follows

1. Attach the film to the pallet by either tying or sliding film under the lower layers of the product.

2. Ensure the inner layer of film is towards the pallet being wrapped (to maximize adhesion/tack).

3. Ensure clear access around the pallet and then commence wrapping.

4. Stretch the film prior to turning each corner ensuring the film is securing the load to the pallet.

5. Minimal overlap required is, +/- 1 inch as AIR-FLOW relies on tension and not tack.

6. When finishing off the wrap, always bunch then cut the film and tie into the edge of a previous layer or pull the cut end under a corner of the product.

7. The normal wrap configuration would be two layers wrapped onto the bottom of the pallet, spiraled up the load and two layers at the top. On occasion a second layer down the pallet may be required for heavier or unstable loads.

8. Critical Step: Bunch film prior to cutting & tying off to ensure easy start up for next load. SEE PICTURES BELOW FOR CORRECT CUTTING.

Cutting Airflow
How not to cut Airflow
REMEMBER! When loading air-flow roll onto machine or dispenser apply with the inside of the film towards the pallet

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Air-Flow Vented Wraps

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