Situational Analysis

Can Air-Flow Solve Your Problems?

The following are examples where innovative packaging distributors solved their customers packaging problems. These resulted in increased sales, loyal customers and the satisfaction of a job well done:

Problem: Products are boxed and palletized when still warm. Condensation forms on the inside of the cling film and deteriorates the boxes.
Solution: Place pallets in cool down/holding area for 24 to 36 hours, or wrap the pallets with Air-Flow and eliminate the time and expense of the holding area.

Problem: A product has excessive moisture when produced and has to "cure" prior to being stretch wrapped
Solution: Wrap the pallet in Air-Flow and let the curing take place in transit.

Problem: Film breaks when tested on stretch wrapping machine.
Solution: Machine is probably set for stretch film with 150+% pre stretch. The best way is to change the pre stretch setting to 30%. Some machines will require a gear ratio change to achieve this 30%. You may want to switch to Air-Flow Premium which yields 200% stretch.

Problem: Customer wrapped pallet and the load did not hold up during shipping.
Solution: Air-Flow needs to be stretched more. Try to get a minimum stretch of 15% while wrapping. If a customer bypasses all of the rollers there will not be any stretch to sustain the load. Depending on product being wrapped, the customer may need to use a different grade of Air-Flow (Heavy Duty or Premium).

Problem: Customer cannot find the beginning of the roll when hand wrapping.
Solution: When finished wrapping a pallet, the operator should walk away from the pallet three feet, grab, cut and tie the film. Their needs to be a little more care to wrapping with Air-Flow instead of stretch film to keep from wasting product.

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