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Air-Flow Vented Wrap
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Air-Flow Premium can be prestretched up to 200% using existing prestretch equipment. Vented pallet wrap targets produce, dairy, beverage and frozen food industries.


Western Plastics introduces Air-Flow pallet wrap, an amazing stretch film with die cut holes for ventilation. Air-Flow reduces spoilage, that conventional stretch film can cause, by eliminating condensation build up on the inside of the pallet wrap.

Air-Flow combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap. Air-Flow is available in machine length rolls, and hand wrap rolls for manual application. End users include the agriculture/produce, packing and shipping industries. Also dairy, beverage, frozen food industries.


In a unique application, Air-Flow is used in medical packaging to allow sterilizing gasses to dissipate after palletizing.

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Air-Flow - WrapNet
Industries that should use Air-Flow vented pallet wrap or Wrapnet netting wrap.

Floral Plants Seeds
Vegetables Cheese Nursery
Produce Farms Potato
Pet Food Beverage Beer
Food - Frozen Yogurt Cannery
Dairy Meat Fish


Medical Pharmaceutical Sterilization
Woodwork Lumber Firewood

AIR-FLOW prevents condensation developing avoiding associated problems such as, rust on tins or caps, discoloration of packaging & labels and impaired performance of glues.

AIR-FLOW shortens the freezing time as the cold air comes through to the product quicker. Also the defreezing time is shortened as the moisture can escape faster.

AIR-FLOW gives product protection combined with optimal air circulation contributing to longer lasting freshness.
Air-Flow Premium
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WAF18 19" 3,300' 1 40 30.00 0.74 Get Quote Now

Air-Flow I
Die Cut, Vented Pallet Wrap with Extended Core Handles for Hand Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WAF03 17" 1,000' 4 60 16.00 1.10 Get Quote Now

Air-Flow II
Die Cut, Vented Pallet Wrap on 3" Core for Hand Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft.
WAF04 17" 3,000' 1 72 12.00 0.29 Get Quote Now

Air-Flow III
Die Cut, Vented Pallet Wrap for Machine Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft.
WAF84 17" 8,400' 1 36 33.00 0.75 Get Quote Now
Case Study - Air-Flow Vented Film Application
Comments -
Hi there. I'm working in the central valley and way up north with the nut growers. They need vented stretch wrap. I have one customer that wants pricing and samples. He has a prestretch on his equipment. Will you please get some samples if possible. I also need drop ship pricing.
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Air-Flow Vented Wraps

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