Distributor's Air-Flow Hit List
Products Palletized Hot:
Air-Flow with plantsBeverages: Beer, Fruit and Vegetable juices, Refreshments – Vino Spumante.

Food Industry: Butter, Yogurt, Pre-fried or Cooked Foods, Cereals, Cookies, Candies, Canned Foods, Cubes of Sugar, Canned Fruits and Vegetables.

Pet Foods: Dehydrated Animal Feed, Canned Animal Food.

Products that need to breathe after palletizing:
Produce: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
Dairy Products: Milk, Various Types of Cheese.
Deep Freeze Products: Ice Cream, Poultry, Meat, Fish, Vegetables.
Air-Flow extended core with grip
Industrial Applications:
Paper Mills:
Tissue, Fine Paper Roll Stock, Corrugated, Diaper Roll Stock.
Firewood, Fire Logs, Fire Works, Skin Board, Molding.
Plastic Products: Lego, Injection Molded Products.
Vitamins, Gas Sterilization for Bottles/Medical Devices. Air-Flow allows gases to predominate through the products/pallets.
Agriculture: Seeds, Flowers, Plants.
Misc: Battery Manufacturers.

Source Reduction Management:
Exporters: Asia, and the EU have strict waste guidelines. US Exporter must comply with these regulations or be fined.
Green Companies: Environmentally conscious companies committed to recycling, reducing waste sent to landfills. Less dumping space required, lower dumpster fees

Air-Flow StandardCost Reduction:
Less Material: Required to achieve goal.
Lower Labor:
Requires 1 person only to palletize.
Time Efficient: Wraps quickly, more pallets wrapped in shorter time.
Fewer Backend Losses:
Less damaged product returned.
Pilferage Protection: Unique product
Fewer Workers Comp Claims
Less Maintenance (Forklift, Pallet Wrapper)