Handi-Ring Holders
Handi-Ring Film Holders

Features include:
- Greater control over tension giving more stretch / yield savings and load holding

- Ergonomically designed

- Friction to hand reduction

- Lightweight

- Reusable fits any 3 inch diameter core

Item # Description Pieces/Case Cubic Ft. Request Quote
DP200 Coreless Film Dispenser 1   Get Quote Now
DP201 Heavy Duty Dispenser* 6 0.30 Get Quote Now
DP202 Plastic Handle 100 0.23 Get Quote Now
DP204 Handi Ring Holder (Set) 75 0.23 Get Quote Now
DP205 Handi Grip Holder 50   Get Quote Now
DP206 Band-it Stand 1 14.20 Get Quote Now
DP207 Nelson Wrap Dispenser 1 Get Quote Now
DP212 Litewrapper Dispenser 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP214 LitewrapperXT 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP214CL Litewrapper XT Coreless 1 0.80 Get Quote Now
DP218 Stretch Protectors 20 0.23 Get Quote Now
CT301 Stretch Film Cutter 24 0.001 Get Quote Now
*Fits all brands of film 12" - 18"

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