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WrapNet Netting
WrapNet is the solution?

If condensation formation on the inside of stretch film is a problem, the use of WrapNet is an efficient, cost effective method of alleviating the problem.

If goods require a well ventilated area to cure or cool down, WrapNet is the solution.
Products are boxed and palletized when still warm. Condensation forms on the inside of the cling film and deteriorates the boxes.
Place pallets in cool down/holding area for 24 to 36 hours, or wrap the pallets in WrapNet and eliminate the time and expense of the holding area.
A product has excessive moisture when produced and has to "cure" prior to being stretch wrapped.
Wrap the pallet in WrapNet and let the curing take place in-transit.

Get an Air-Flow alternative to Stretch Netting

These are two actual examples where innovative packaging distributors solved their customers problems. This resulted in increased sales, loyal customers and the satisfaction of a job well done.

What is Pallet WrapNet?

WrapNet is a light weight knitted netting. The primary use of WrapNet is for stabilizing unitized pallets.

Air-Flow - WrapNet
Industries that should use Air-Flow vented pallet wrap or Wrapnet netting wrap.

Floral Plants Seeds
Vegetables Cheese Nursery
Produce Farms Potato
Pet Food Beverage Beer
Food - Frozen Yogurt Cannery
Dairy Meat Fish


Medical Pharmaceutical Sterilization
Woodwork Lumber Firewood


AIR-FLOW prevents condensation developing avoiding associated problems such as, rust on tins or caps, discoloration of packaging & labels and impaired performance of glues.

AIR-FLOW shortens the freezing time as the cold air comes through to the product quicker. Also the defreezing time is shortened as the moisture can escape faster.

AIR-FLOW gives product protection combined with optimal air circulation contributing to longer lasting freshness.

WrapNet I
Stretch Netting with Extended Core Handles for Hand Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WSN03 20" 1,000' 4 60 10.80 1.05 Get Quote Now

WrapNet II
Stretch Netting on 3" Core Handles for Hand Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WSN04 20" 3,000' 1 84 8.10 0.60 Get Quote Now

WrapNet III
Stretch Netting for Machine Application
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WSN02 20" 10,000' 1 32 27.00 1.16 Get Quote Now
WSN07 20" 5,000' 1 60 13.50 0.74 Get Quote Now
WSN30 30" 10,000' 1 16 40.50 1.75 Get Quote Now

Also available in 30" wide

Case Study: Netting Application
Comments -
We have several customers who have been using stretch wrap and are interested in the netting. We sell to the lumber industry mainly and I am looking for something we can take to our customer and see if it will work for them. Also pricing if possible.
Central City, KY

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