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Western Plastics Evolution Wrapper, an entry-level pallet wrap machine. The Evolution uses prestretched film and is free with the purchase of five pallets of film. The company offers a full line of hand, machine, and specialty stretch films, including our new narrow-width Hybrid80 Plus banding films and pre-stretched color film in hand and machine length applications. Western Plastics also offers from our Food Service division aluminum foil and PVC food films as well.
Coreless Pallet WrapHYBRiD80 Plus Engineered Coreless Coreless stretch film technology is an innovation in environmental source reduction well suited for an eco conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability goals.

HYRBiD80 Plus EC is a light weight coreless hi-performance stretch film that has been pre stretched to optimize pallet coverage with maximum load holding. More...
Litewrapper dispenserLiteWrapperXT The LitewrapperXT dispenser with cored or coreless film will give you added benefits.

Combined with XP Engineered films, you can safely wrap pallets faster and easier with this lightweight dispenser.

Less film, less time - wrap a pallet in less than one minute Learn more about the Litewrapper XT Dispenser...
Evolution WrapperEvolution Wrapper - the value priced semi automatic stretch wrapper.

This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation. It will solve the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets. More...
Printed Stretch FilmPrinted Stretch Film has excellent cling, puncture resistance and is designed to have superior load holding. Printed stretch wrap reduces pilferage and improve load appearance. Film can be printed with websites, logos, instructions or custom message throughout roll.

Standard handwraps and hi-performance machine grade film are available. More...
Printed Films

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