Product Data Sheets
Air-Flow - Vented Film   Technical Data MSDS
Air-Flow Premium - Vented Film   Technical Data  
Aluminum Sheet and Foil SDS    
Bander - Carton Sealing Tapes   Technical Data  
Dissipative Films   Technical Data MSDS
EZ-Bander   Technical Data  
Micron Films   Technical Data  
Hybrid80 Films Technical Data  
Hybrid80 Colors (Blown Film)   Technical Data  
Hybrid80 Colors (Cast Film)   Technical Data  
Identi-Films   Technical Data  
Laundry Wrap   Technical Data  
Meat Film
Opaque Film SDS Technical Data  
PE Film (EZ Bander, Pallet-tite, Handywrap) SDS Technical Data MSDS
Perform XL   Technical Data MSDS
Produce Film   Technical Data  
PVC Film     MSDS
Securi Wrap   Technical Data  
UVI Film   Technical Data  
WrapNet   Technical Data  
XP Film   Technical Data  
PVC Film FDA Certification Letter    
Aluminum Foil FDA Certification Letter    
Kosher Certification PVC Letter Foil Letter  
FDA Status of WP Stretch Film Letter    
Blanket Certification Letter    
Certification of Compliance -
CONEG (Heavy Metals)
DIPN Letter    
BPA Letter    
California Prop 65 Letter    
Certification of Compliance -
REACH letters   LLDPE Letter  
    Aluminum Foil Letter  
Letter of Continuing Guarantee (Air-Flow) Letter    

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