XP Film


For a faster, safer and cost effective wrap

XP film has been engineered making it stronger right from the start! It is not necessary to stretch it as with conventional hand film.

Start by simply walking forward around your palletized load, holding the film roll comfortably in front of you. When you come to the corner of your load give the film a firm push just as you round the corner. Repeat this pattern a couple of times around your palletized load or until you feel that you have covered as much of the load needed to achieve a secure wrap. The load type will determine how taut the film should be applied. Use minimal tension on light loads and slightly more tension on heavier loads.

(Engineered film should be held with just enough tension to make the edge stand up, but not so tight as to cause the film to neck in. A good rule of thumb is to use from 2 to 5 pounds of tension when wrapping.)

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