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Wrapmaster available in 12" and 18" sizes.

The Wrapmaster is designed with tough, durable, hygienic ABS plastic for ease of use and quick loading refill rolls. Its stainless steel cutting blade is concealed for safety cuts film and foil "Tangle Free" every time.


The foodservice industry is facing many issues today insuring ecological and environmental standards are being kept in maintaining hi-quality-foods as well as the proper disposal of all packaging products used in the process.

Wrapmaster is a free standing food film and foil dispenser. The traditional method of using cartoned film/foil, of which users had to dispose of after usage, has been replaced by just refilling the Wrapmaster with a new roll of film or foil. This allows the ability to utilize 100% of the film or foil rolls as well as eliminate deteriorating and unsanitary cartons to dispose of.

Simply refill the 100% hygienic - washable unit with your choice of film or foil and use thousands of feet of film or foil with perfect dispensing over and over again.

  • NO unsanitary cutterbox cartons to deal with
  • NO corrugated cartons to toss
  • NO blades to dispose of
  • Guaranteed clean and safe. Cuts film right to the end of the roll.
  • Film and Foil refill rolls in 12" and 18".
  • The refill rolls are packaged in a standard 2 pack brown carton which makes for easier disposal and is recycle friendly.

Case Study: RE: Wrapmaster - Does anyone have/use/love these?

Posted by foodonastump on
Fri, Jun 26, 09 at 1:24

Ok I'm going to go in the other direction to say I have no use for the little guys as those rolls fit nicely in my drawer. The big industrial roll on the other hand is an eyesore in my kitchen. So, thanks to Donna, I put in a request with Western Plastics and they were happy to sell me the 18" unit, retail. It arrived today, and I'm very pleased with my new toy.
A few comments:

- First and foremost, it works every bit as easily as the linked video implies. The film is right there to grab, you pull it out, push down the top, nice neat cut.

- Cost for the dispenser itself was $38 + shipping.

- Tube size does not match the typical Reynolds tube (pictured), so you need to order wrap from them. Their price per roll is a few dollars cheaper than what I pay at a restaurant supply, so the savings helped offset shipping cost. You have to buy the film in 'cases' of two rolls each, but I figure two 2000' rolls will make this roughly a once-a-decade event for me.

- The only negative I have on the product itself so far is that there is no way to lock it in the closed position. My picture is slightly deceptive as I stuffed a straw to hold it relatively shut. I plan to find something that fits just right to act as wedge when not in use. Just an aesthetic thing. The video shows what it looks like normally.

- If you're interested in buying one, you can contact an extremely nice lady named Ruth at (800) 442-9727 ext 113 or She's likely sick of me by now, but regardless tell her 'foodonastump' referred you. She'll know who you mean and won't charge you extra for mentioning me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wrapmaster video

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Anne- I read your Sustainability report and on page 15/53.. It reads..

"Hygiene and safety at all production and service areas"- When I read this, I immediately thought of an Item we market Worldwide called the "Wrapmaster"- a Hygenic-Clean-ECO-safe way of Wrapping Food product for storage in any market .> The concept fits right into your corporate philosophy targeting- Less-Waste-Hygenic-Material-Source Reduction-and overall increasing the quality of Life for all you serve in the foodservice industry @ Sodexo.

Schools-Hospitals-and Institutions across the globe agree the Wrapmaster is the future of Film wrapping foods today. Please go to SEE The Video on the Wrapmaster- for a clean-safe-hygenic way of overwrapping food for serving or storing.
Nick Magdaleno


Free dispenser with each 10 case film order


Request a quote for these items:
Sizes Item # Description Request Quote
12" 179D Wrapmaster Dispenser Quote1
18" 180D Wrapmaster Dispenser Quote2

Wrapmaster Refill Rolls

Sizes Item # Rls/Cs Weight Cubic Ft Request Quote
12 X 2,000 172 2 13.5 0.40 Quote3
15 x 2,000 165 2 16.9 0.60 Quote4
18 x 2,000 804 2 20.2 0.60 Quote5


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