Prestretched Film XP films target the most competitive stretch wrap business In hand rolls, machine rolls and narrow widths

Go Green
XP Film
The Source Reduction Option

XP films target the most competitive stretch wrap business

XP Engineered film reduces film use
XP Formula films also offer a significant cost saving alternative!

Lighter weight rolls are easier to use and cost less without a loss in performance. This unique film is working and strong right off the roll. XP formulation eliminates the need to stretch film to get maximum performance.

XP formula film available on all Handywrap, Ultragrip, and E-Z Bander products.

These new items are in stock and available for immediate shipment! For a test case contact your nearest Western Plastics location or email us as for more information.

Film yield comparison tool
Film /Gauge Roll Weight Weight of Film-Wrapped Force to Load # of Pallets Wrapped / Roll Roll "Street" Price Cost/Pallet Wrapped
63 Gauge
5,000' = 25.75# 9.75 oz 38 lbs per 42 $40 $0.94
50 Gauge
9,000' =
8.40 oz 35 lbs per 68 $53.25 $0.78
47 Gauge
10,000' = 35.5" 8.40 oz 30 lbs per sq. in. 60 53.90 $0.87

11 micron (43 gauge) Enhanced

10,500' =

9.20 oz

30 lbs per*

57 $54.30 $0.90
XP Film 31 Engineered / Prestretched  6,000' =
 5.85 oz  36 lbs per 51 $41.65 $0.80

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Engineered Extended Core Wrap
Item # Width Length Description Rl/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WXP20 18" 1,000' Extended Core Handwrap 4 60 14.00 0.91 Get Quote Now
WXP21 18" 2,000' Extended Core Handwrap 4 50 25.80 0.91 Get Quote Now

Engineered Machine Film
Item # Width Length Description Rl/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WXP30 18" 5,000' Machine Grade 1 40 14.00 0.78 Get Quote Now
WXP31 18" 6,000' Machine Grade 1 40 16.80 1.16 Get Quote Now
WXP67 27.4" 6,000' Machine Grade 1 20 25.60 1.75 Get Quote Now

Engineered Hand Wrap
Item # Width Length Description Rl/Cs Cs/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WXP51 15" 1,500' Handwrap 4 48 15.00 1.43 Get Quote Now
WXP49 18" 1,500' Handwrap 4 48 16.21 1.69 Get Quote Now
WXP54 15" 1,500' Handwrap Bulk 196 3.40 0.40 Get Quote Now
WXP50 15" 2,000' Handwrap Bulk 144 5.20 0.45 Get Quote Now
WXP57 18" 1,500' Handwrap Bulk 196 4.75 0.50 Get Quote Now
WXP48 18" 2,000' Handwrap Bulk 144 5.84 0.55 Get Quote Now

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Machine and XP Demo
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Litewrapper video 2
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CASE STUDY - Subject: Litewrapper pallet wrap system
We are a logistics world company and we want to receive information about your dispenser of film Litewrapper model DP212
Please, could you send us a complete information about the product, price, term of supply, etc?.
Best Regards.
Contract Manager
Logistics E.
Making Business Flow

Dear Vincente,

Thank you very much for your inquiry and interest in our Litewrapper system.

The key benefits of the systems are:

* You can wrap a pallet in less than one minute
* You walk forward, so you see where you walk (safe) and you only need one hand
* you do not need to bend, so no more back injuries or dizzy operators.
* compared to conventional 23 micron film the film reduction will be 70% in Weight
* the tension on the pallets is regulated by the dispenser, not by the operator. So no matter who or when the pallet is wrapped, the quality of wrapping is constant
* stronger film, no "neck-down" of the film (film will not become more narrow while wrapping) makes it possible to wrap your pallets BETTER with LESS turn around the pallets.
* more pallets wrapped with 1 roll of film

Could you inform me about the quantity of pallets you wrap by hand in your operation?
Then we can offer you a solution, that will offer you time and money savings. And you will reduce waist (waste surely?) also!

Best regards,

EZ Bander

Wal-Mart chief pledges higher prices for sustainable suppliers
The chief executive of the world's biggest retailer yesterday promised to favor suppliers providing high quality and ethically sourced products.

Wal-Mart will launch a major retail-industry effort to improve social, ethical and environmental standards in the factories of its suppliers, CEO and president Lee Scott told a meeting of store managers.

"The drive will see the retailer favor - and in some cases even pay more - for suppliers that meet our standards and share our commitment to quality and sustainability".

"Paying more in the short term for quality will mean paying less in the long term as a company. Higher quality products will mean better value, fewer problems, fewer returns and greater trust with our customers," Scott told the audience.

But the firm will also raise the bar for suppliers on sustainable sourcing, putting pressure on them to provide evidence that they are meeting ethical and quality criteria.
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I'd like to talk a little bit about our operations also. We've also put in quite a bit or are in the process of adding capacity in some of our businesses. In stretch film, by the end of February, we will be making a product called Pre-stretch, it's a specialty film, it completes our product line. It's the only product that we're missing in that marketplace.
Transcript analysts conference call.
US Stretch Film Producer

The call for source reduction packaging has pump primed demand for engineered films.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer

Walmart Sustainability Packaging Expo: zero tolerance for greenwash

Preparing to exhibit for the fifth consecutive year at Walmart's annual Sustainability Packaging Expo, packaging suppliers have become increasingly savvy in conveying their green messages.

That's according to Robert Parvis, Sam's Club manager of House Brands Packaging, who spoke with, along with Ronald Sasine, senior director of Packaging, Private Brands for Walmart Stores, about the retailer's upcoming event, scheduled for April 6-7 at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center, in Bentonville, AR.

"Their message is becoming more and more focused," Parvis says. "One of the things we are really pushing is clear communication, especially around anything related to sustainability claims."

Sasine agrees, "The packaging suppliers are learning the language of Walmart, and they are learning to engage and discuss packaging with Walmart buyers and merchants in a way that, in those early years, was much more difficult for them."
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