Air-Flow Premium is Guaranteed to be prestretched up to 250% using existing prestretch equipment. Vented pallet wrap targets produce, dairy, beverage and frozen food industries.

Air-Flow combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap.

Hybrid80 Plus

Western Plastics continues to a shift in the stretch film industry to lighter, stronger pallet wrap in both hand and machine grade film

HYBRiD80 Plus has a high resistance to stretch for superior load retention and performs as well as an 80-gauge film. It is sold in a range of 20%+ savings under conventional 80 gauge wrap.

Logo Film

Reduce Freight Damage 101. Shipping solutions for today and into the future.

Most freight claims stem from freight being trans-loaded, restacked and or cross-docked, meaning, your freight is loaded onto a truck, then taken to a warehouse, unloaded and then reloaded onto another truck. This may occur a number of times before it’s actually delivered and is standard practice for most common carriers. The more it’s handled, the greater the chance of damage.

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Food Service Applications A full line of products for Food Service applications