Air-Flow Premium vented pallet wrap stretches 200%.
Works on all stretch wrapping equipment.

Big box store garden centers wrap carts of flowering baskets
and plant flats with vented stretch wrap.
Air-Flow - WrapNet
Industries that should use Air-Flow vented pallet wrap or Wrapnet netting wrap.

Floral Plants Seeds
Vegetables Cheese Nursery
Produce Farms Potato
Pet Food Beverage Beer
Food - Frozen Yogurt Cannery
Dairy Meat Fish


Medical Pharmaceutical Sterilization
Woodwork Lumber Firewood
Air-Flow extended core with grip

Pallet wrapping applications:

- Produce: (e.g. vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, eggs, cheese etc.)

- Hot palletized products: avoid condensation within pallet wrap. (e.g. soft drinks, beer, canned foods, pharmaceutical products, pet foods, sweets etc.)

- Chilled and deep-frozen products: fast cooling after palletization. (e.g. dairy products, ice cream, meat, fish, frozen vegetables, frozen snacks etc.) Get Quote Now

Products Palletized Hot:

- Beverages: Beer, fruit and vegetable juices - Food Industry: Butter, Yogurt, Pre-fried or Cooked Foods, Cereals, Cookies, Candies, Canned Foods, Cubes of Sugar, Canned Fruits and Vegetables. - Pet Foods: Dehydrated Animal Feed, Canned Animal Food. Get Quote Now
Products that need to breathe after palletizing:

- Produce: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

- Dairy Products: Milk, Various Types of Cheese.

- Deep Freeze Products: Ice Cream, Poultry, Meat, Fish, Vegetables. Get Quote Now

Air-Flow with plants Industrial Applications:

- Paper Mills: Tissue, Fine Paper Roll Stock, Corrugated, Diaper Roll Stock.

- Wood: Firewood, Fire Logs, Fire Works, Skin Board, Molding.

- Plastic Products: Injection Molded Products.

- Pharmaceutical: Vitamins, Gas Sterilization for Bottles/Medical devises. Air-Flow allows gases to predominate through the products/pallets.

- Agriculture: Seeds, Flowers, Plants.

- Misc: Battery Manufacturers. Get Quote Now

Request a quote for this item:
Item # Width Length Rl/Cs Rls/Plt Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WAF18 19" 3,300' 1 40 30.00 0.74 Get Quote Now
Case Study - Air-Flow Vented Film Application
Comments -
Hi there. I'm working in the central valley and way up north with the nut growers. They need vented stretch wrap. I have one customer that wants pricing and samples. He has a prestretch on his equipment. Will you please get some samples if possible. I also need drop ship pricing.
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Air-Flow Vented Wraps

Ventilated wrap line includes:
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