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LitewrapperLitewrapper Dispenser has a unique tensioning method which allows users to wrap pallets with one hand while safely walking face forward around the pallet.
XP Prestretch FilmsXP Plus Films Engineered films give greater load holding force and reduces load shifting during transit. A cost saving alternative to conventional stretch film.
Air-Flow with PlantsAir-Flow Premium Vented Pallet Wrap allows air to flow through the palletized product to allow cold and reduce condensation. Available in handwrap and machine grade sizes less expensive than extruded netting. Works with all brands of Pre-Stretch equipment.
Eco Max EcoMax - Price buster micron film replaces conventional handwrap at a lower cost – Stiffer, stronger film formulas allows for a lower gauge conventional film. Superior puncture resistance – Lower cost per case and per roll.
Printed FilmsPrinted Pallet Wrap - Lower minimums – Custom logos and standard stock prints available. Wide array of colors available. Ideal for distributor identification, product identification, advertising exposure and load protection from pilferage.
El Dorado FoilEl Dorado Foil - Economy gauge foodservice foil. More competitive than conventionally offered foil. Replaces standard foils in competitive situations.
Western Plastics offers you:
- Value added products to improve your margins.
- Service and support (J.I.T. Delivery)
- Full line cast and blown pallet stretch films.
- Metalocene pallet wrap available.
- Low minimums - mix products to make up pallets according to your needs (Foodservice and Industrial)
- A nationwide drop ship program you can trust 100%
- Colored stretch pallet wrap available with low minimums and short lead times
- Low freight prepaid requirements
- Private label program to ensure your customers loyalty (low minimums)
- The most competitive foodservice film and foil line (cutterbox, miler film, perforated film, meat and produce film, interfolded foil)

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