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Hybrid80 Plus
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Stretch Wrap Western Plastics New Line of
'Greener' Stretch Films
Hybrid80 Plus Engineered Film
Western Plastics continues to a shift in the stretch film industry to lighter, stronger pallet wrap in both hand and machine grade film

Many top manufacturers have indicated that within 3 – 5 years the 80 gauge will no longer be sold because of current costs to produce film.

Western Plastics has developed Hybrid80 Plus stretch films. This RightWeight Solution allows distributors to move from the (Me Too less 5% 80 gauge) standard pallet film in their selling efforts.

HYBRiD80 Plus has a high resistance to stretch for superior load retention and performs as well as an 80-gauge film. It is sold in a range of 20%+ savings under conventional 80 gauge wrap.

HYBRiD80 Plus The RightWeight Solution helps distributors develop new business, maintain profit margins and also to offer their customers something new .

Western Plastics keeps distributors ahead of the curve by developing and promoting new and innovative films.ms.

Narrow Width EZ-Bander Banding Film
Pallet-tite Handwrap 3" Core
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Item # Width Length Rls/Cs Cs/Plt Request Quote
HPL33 2.6" 1,000' 18 50 Get Quote Now
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Go Green
Pallet wraps
Item # Width Length Rls/Cs Cs/Plt Request Quote
HPL01 18" 1,000' 4 48 Get Quote Now

Walmart Sustainability Packaging Expo: zero tolerance for greenwash

Preparing to exhibit for the fifth consecutive year at Walmart's annual Sustainability Packaging Expo, packaging suppliers have become increasingly savvy in conveying their green messages.

That's according to Robert Parvis, Sam's Club manager of House Brands Packaging, who spoke with GreenerPackage.com, along with Ronald Sasine, senior director of Packaging, Private Brands for Walmart Stores, about the retailer’s upcoming event, scheduled for April 6-7 at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center, in Bentonville, AR.

"Their message is becoming more and more focused," Parvis says. "One of the things we are really pushing is clear communication, especially around anything related to sustainability claims."

Sasine agrees, "The packaging suppliers are learning the language of Walmart, and they are learning to engage and discuss packaging with Walmart buyers and merchants in a way that, in those early years, was much more difficult for them."
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Hybrids: Easy on gas and easy to buy

Demand is up and supplies are tight so customers can have a hard time finding some hybrid models on dealer lots. Others are just waiting for you.

The Hybrid market

Hybrid vehicles are hot. You've probably heard it can be hard to find them in showrooms. Some dealers are even getting mark-ups over the sticker price.

With high demand - means manufacturers are selling hybrids as fast as they can make them?
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The Reality of Sustainability
Sustainability and sustainable packaging are the buzzwords that represent today's number one issue in the flexible packaging industry. The issue is simple: What can converters do to improve
product quality and the quality of their impact on the environment?
Read - Go Green with HYBRiD80 Stretch Wraps
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Sales Leads For HYBRiD80 Plus Films
Fed EX/UPS SHIPPERS: Reduce shipping charges by bundling items. Protects shipments.
PALLET WRAP USERS: Top banding of pallets. Holds edge protectors/pallet covers in place.
CARPET MILLS / TEXTILE INDUSTRIES: Replaces adhesive tape. Leaves no residue. Easy to remove.
HOSE AND TUBING DISTRIBUTORS: Replacing pressure sensitive tape
BUILDING MATERIAL CENTERS: Replacing twine in the bundling of wood, dowels, and pipe.
WOOD MOLDINGS / FURNITURE / CABINET MAKERS / LUMBER YARDS: Replaces nylon twine. Stretch film will not "bite" into the wood. Leaves no residue.
MAGAZINE PRINTERS: More economical than tape, strapping and twine.

I'd like to talk a little bit about our operations also. We've also put in quite a bit or are in the process of adding capacity in some of our businesses. In stretch film, by the end of February, we will be making a product called Pre-stretch, it's a specialty film, it completes our product line. It's the only product that we're missing in that marketplace.
Transcript analysts conference call.
US Stretch Film Producer

'Going Green' . . . How This Business Trend Affects Industrial Marketers The concepts of "going green" and promoting "sustainability" are fueling a global trend that permeates the business landscape. As industrial marketers, we can do ourselves a big favor by taking advantage of the advice offered by both the environmentalists and the experienced business professionals who are "going green." Both parties recommend that we take an approach that involves educating ourselves (and our co-workers, customers and, perhaps, the local community) about this trend and, through this educational process, we develop or change our perception of "going green" to be a positive, beneficial experience.
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U.S. retailers push packagers to think "green" Growing demand from U.S. retailers and manufacturers for smaller, eco-friendly packages is pushing box makers and chemical companies to create compact packaging that is bio-based and recyclable. I would say that the balance is still probably weighted more toward cost control," but the significance of environmental benefits is growing, said one analyst.
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Bulk packaging suppliers focused on efficiency and environment Buyers today are looking to their bulk packaging suppliers to help them better maximize their supply chain efficiencies, improve cost effectiveness, and provide more "green" products for use in their supply chains. Bulk packaging products in general fall into two categories: rigid bulk packaging, which includes drums, rigid intermediate bulk containers (RIBCs), pails, corrugated boxes; and flexible bulk packaging, which includes shipping sacks, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), film wrap, strapping and liners.

HYBRiD 80 Plus film improves film usage
Hybrid film also offer a significant cost saving alternative!

Lighter weight rolls are easier to use and cost less without a loss in performance. This unique film is working and strong right off the roll. HYBRiD80 Plus eliminates the need to stretch film to get maximum performance.

HYBRiD 80 Plus films are available on all Handywrap, Ultragrip, and E-Z Bander products.

These new items are in stock and available for immediate shipment!

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