Laundry Wrap Rolls
New opportunities abound for special formula PVC laundry film.
Distributor margins show improvement with exciting new film

Premium gauges added with market busting pricing
For Heavy Duty use in commercial & industrial laundries
In stock now! All sizes, widths and gauges
Freight prepaid -- Low minimum
All Purpose PVC

Laundry wrap film keeps linens, laundry fresh — clean and crisp or fluffy soft — just the way they arrived at your store room, ready to be put into service when you need them.

Clear, tough laundry wrap stretches, clings, and heat seals easily. It's ideal for hand wrapping clean linens in hospitals, hotels, dry cleaners, institutions, or commercial laundries.

Laundry Wrap...
- Is water resistant and hygienic. Keeps out dust, dirt and moisture from the time linens are wrapped until they are used — in the laundry, in transit, or in storage.
- Stretches farther to use less film per package. Laundry wrap is available in convenient widths and gauges for the most efficient usage.
- Replaces paper, string, tape, and bags. A one-step wrap and seal operation saves on labor and material costs.
- Makes contents accessible and easy to identify.
- Stacks without slipping and sliding due to inherent cling ability of film.
- Eliminates lost tags. Tags go inside and are easy to see without opening the package.

Item # Width Gauge Length Rls/Cs Cs/Plt Cubic Ft. Request Quote
WLW06 24" Standard 5,000' 1 30 1.45 Get Quote Now
WLW02 30" Standard 5,000' 1 30 1.78 Get Quote Now
WLW08 32" Standard 5,000' 1 30 1.91 Get Quote Now
WLW03 34" Standard 5,000' 1 30 2.03 Get Quote Now
WLW04 36" Standard 5,000' 1 30 2.14 Get Quote Now
WLW34 34" Premium 5,000' 1 30 2.03 Get Quote Now
WLW36 36" Premium 5,000' 1 30 2.14 Get Quote Now
WLW13 24" Heavy Duty 5,000' 1 30 1.46 Get Quote Now
WLW07 30" Heavy Duty 5,000' 1 30 1.79 Get Quote Now
WLW11 32" Heavy Duty 5,000' 1 30 1.91 Get Quote Now
WLW14 34" Heavy Duty 5,000' 1 30 2.03 Get Quote Now
WLW09 36" Heavy Duty 5,000' 1 30 2.14 Get Quote Now

* Superior quality - Excellent cling
* Crystal clear
* Other widths and gauges available

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