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Security packaging a big and growing business

Losses from product pilfering, theft and product counterfeiting are an increasingly serious problem for U.S. business. According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, product counterfeiting alone costs the U.S. more than $200 billion in lost revenue annually.

With a problem of this magnitude, significant opportunities are available for packaging distributors that can offer solid security solutions.

  • Prevents pilferage by concealing the nature of valuable shipment.
  • Protect products from suns U.V. rays.
  • Prevents damage caused by rain, dew and dust during transit.
  • Outlasts regular film during extended outdoor storage.
  • Used for product identification.
On Focus

Reduce Freight Damage 101. Shipping solutions for today and into the future.

Opaque black and white stretch film is available in hand and machine rolls. Distributors and users have reported significant reductions in losses due to pilferage by using SecuriWrap. SecuriWrap is a highly successful way to deter tampering with your shipments.

Reduce Freight Damage 101. Shipping solutions for today and into the future.

Most freight claims stem from freight being trans-loaded, restacked and or cross-docked, meaning, your freight is loaded onto a truck, then taken to a warehouse, unloaded and then reloaded onto another truck. This may occur a number of times before it’s actually delivered and is standard practice for most common carriers. The more it’s handled, the greater the chance of damage.

Printed stretch films and stretch wrap in colors reduces the risk of this happening to your shipments.
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