Value Added Selling: Industrial Packaging

Distinctive Private Label
Box Design
Re-Orders the easy way

Your packaging as a calling card. New minimums lower than you think. Turns heads and inventory. Short lead times.
Your packaging is critical to your brand. It's the last three feet and last three seconds (and the ultimate measure of success) of your marketing program. But, these days, packaging has to do more than just "pop" at the shelf; it must communicate the story of your brand and become an essential part of consumers' daily lives. Is your packaging powered to do all that?
Brand Packaging

80% of respondents agreed that "The rate of private label growth will increase over the next three years," with 20% disagreeing. Food & Beverage News
Own Label Branding is Everything
You work hard to create a unique image for your company - an aura that encourages confidence - a high level of name awareness that is remembered and brings your customers back for more. Now you can reinforce that image.

Re-Orders Made Easy
Private label boxes not only carry your merchandise, but become your calling card as well. Your name on every case will be seen again and again. They are eye-catching and give your business repeat exposure. They also imply quality, service and satisfaction.

Business Retention
New program introduced by Western Plastics helps distributors build and retain business. The program is available to authorized Western Plastics distributors only. We'll imprint as few as 50 cases for you. Also, our drop ship program allows you to ship product without having to stock it.

This is another "Value Added" service which allows distributors to sell easily and profitably.

Western Plastics offers you:
- Value added products to improve your margins.
- Service and support (J.I.T. Delivery)
- Full line cast and blown pallet stretch films.
- Metallocene pallet wrap available.
- Low minimums – mix products to make up pallets according to your needs (Foodservice & Industrial). Ships from one location.
- A nationwide drop ship program you can trust 100%
- Colored stretch pallet wrap available with low minimums & short lead times
- Low freight prepaid requirements
- The most competitive foodservice film and foil line (Cutterbox, miler film, perforated film, meat and produce film, interfolded foil)

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