Item #WidthThicknessLengthCs/PltWeightCubic Ft.
ECO0612″13 Micron2,000′6019.601.17
ECO0415″13 Micron2,000′4824.481.43
ECO0218″13 Micron2,000′4829.361.69
ECO1418″14.5 Micron1,500′4824.641.69
ECO0512″16 Micron1,500′6018.141.17
ECO0315″16 Micron1,500′4822.681.43
ECOPL16″16 Micron1,500′4824.191.52
ECO0118″16 Micron1,500′4827.211.69
ECO2312″19 Micron1,500′6021.601.17
ECO1515″19 Micron1,500′4827.001.43
ECO1618″19 Micron1,500′3632.401.69
ECO2015″29 Micron1,000′4827.361.43
ECO2118″29 Micron1,000′4832.841.69

Eco Max is a true metallocene formula that replaces conventional stretch film at a lower cost. These new micron films exhibit superior strength, consistency and exceptional clarity at lower gauges.

This new resin formulation allows significant film down gauging with improved performance, giving users major cost savings and source reduction benefits, making EcoMax perfect for demanding packaging applications.

  • Stiffer and stronger than conventional hand wrap
  • High resistance to stretch for superior load retention
  • Low percentage of width reduction (neck-down)
  • All material premium quality clear film. Colors available.