El Dorado Interfolded Foil Sheets

Experience the convenience of foil sheets with Western Plastics’ exceptional line of interfolded pop-up Aluminum Foil Sheets. Tailored for versatility, Pop-ups are the ideal solution for restaurants, kitchens, caterers, airlines, schools, and various other applications where efficient and precise food wrapping is essential.

For added convenience, we offer color-coded foodservice foil options. Elevate your food packaging and presentation by choosing from our printed foil pop-up sheets. These sheets are excellent for use in color coding airline food trays and various other foodservice applications, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to your culinary processes.

Trust Western Plastics to deliver pop-up aluminum foil sheets that not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing a seamless and efficient solution for all your food wrapping needs.


Item #SizePackColorCs/PltWeightCubic Ft.
64312″ X 10 3/4″12 X 200SILVER401.3018.5
63512″ X 10 3/4″6 X 500SILVER401.1020.7
Potatoes, Hot Dogs, Snacks, Tacos, hamburgers, Sandwiches and more…
Gold Pop-Up Foil Sheets

Gold interfolded Foil pop-up sheets

Foil sheets are gold on one side and silver on the other to make product identification easier

Foil Sales Keep Poppin’ Up

Western Plastics offers a complete line of interfolded Pop-Up sheets. Pop-Ups are the ideal product for restaurants, kitchens, caterers, airlines, schools and many other applications. The different type of sheets makes it easier to identify food products when they are wrapped.

Color Coded Foodservice Foil

Printed foil Pop-Up sheets

Excellent for use in color coding airline food trays and many other foodservice uses