Logo Film Printed Wrap

Stretch Film with Extended Core Handles



Item #SizeGaugeLengthDescriptionRls/CsCs/PltWeightCubic Ft.
DPW025″801,000′Printed Banding Film126019.201.20
DPW0310″801,000′Printed Disposable Handwrap45012.800.70
DPW0420″801,000′Printed Disposable Handwrap45025.601.05
Printed Handwrap 3″ Core
Item #SizeGaugeLengthDescriptionRls/CsCs/PltWeightCubic Ft.
DPW0518″801,500′Printed Handwrap43634.561.69
DPW0715″801,500′Printed Handwrap44828.801.43
Printed Machine Grade
Item #SizeGaugeLengthDescriptionRlsRls/PltWeightCubic Ft.
DPW0620″805,000′Printed Machine Film14032.000.94

Custom printed stretch film can boost your brand and save you money!
Your product will be easily identifiable and brand highly visible to potential customers.


  • We can print logos, names, websites, re-ordering info and more!
  • Safeguard your shipments! Printed messages such as “Fragile” or “Do Not Double Stack” are highly visible.
  • Reduce theft and pilferring in storage and transit! You can easily identify shipments that have been broken into or tampered with.
  • Reduce lost or misplaced shipments by carriers! Easier to identify pallets means less loss.