Pallet Wrap Equipment


Item #DescriptionPieces/CsCubic Ft.
DP200Coreless Film Dispenser1
DP201Heavy Duty Dispenser60.30
DP202Plastic Handle for 3″ Core1000.23
DP204Handi Ring Holder (Set)750.23
DP205Handi-Grip Holder50
DP206Band-it Stand114.20
DP207Nelson Wrap Dispenser1
DP212Litewrapper Dispenser10.80
DP214CLLitewrapper XT Coreless10.80
DP218Stretch Protectors200.23
CT301Stretch Film Cutter240.001

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User Friendly
Easy to Install

Band-It makes it easier to bundle small parcels together to reduce unnecessary shipping expenses. EZ Bander in colors makes it easier to identify specific types of bundled packages.

Features include:
-Greater control over tension giving more stretch/yield savings and load holding
– Ergonomically designed
-Friction to hand reduction
-Reusable fits any 3 inch diameter core
Litewrapper Dispenser

The Litewrapper dispenser is a metal framed dispenser with a unique tension method which allows users to wrap pallets with one hand while safely walking face forward around the pallet.  Lighter weight rolls are easier to use and cost less without a loss in performance.  Engineered film combined with this dispenser make for superior load holding.

Wrap pallet loads easier and more effectively with engineered hand held pallet film. Because of a unique, manufacturing process, you need not stretch the film to get an effective, load-holding, wrap. Operators will appreciate the ease with which engineered film can be applied.

Most hand held stretch films need to be stretched at least 100 to 150 percent to make the film stiff enough to effectively hold a shifting load. Operators rarely stretch film even 50% while wrapping. After a nationwide evaluation of hand wrapping in real life situations, it was found that the average person will stretch hand wrap less than 15%.

Now you can eliminate the difficulty and inefficiency of hand wrapping with engineered hand held pallet film. Engineered film is strong right off the roll! It does not require further stretching to unitize loads effectively and makes wrapping by hand much easier!

LiteWrapper XT Dispenser

Lightweight and easy to use!  Available in both a cored and coreless model!


  • Lightweight, plastic frame for less fatigue
  • A patented system to wrap pallets by hand
  • Ergonomics: walking forward, NO bending, NO back pain
  • Stronger and constant wrap, film is activated by the dispenser
  • Less film, less time – wrap a pallet in less than one minute
  • Stronger film : you need less walking around the pallet to get the right load retention

Coreless Benefits

  • No “neck down” for better use of the film
  • Cost savings. No core means less cost.
  • Bulk packed: save on packaging costs — no cores, no cartons
  • Environment friendly with waste reduction and reduction of transport

Nelson Wrap Dispenser

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, aluminum hand held dispenser
  • Patented brake system ensures tighter wrap and less film wasted
  • Keeps the laborer in a natural position to reduce back and work related injuries
  • Accommodates various shaped pallets
  • Achieves tighter wrapped pallets to reduce freight claims
  • Self-oiling materials provides smooth, consistent action
  • Tension control for preferred stretch
  • Unique Brake System
Stretch Protector
A dispenser that not only dispenses stretch film, but also protects it.

The “Stretch Protector” is an exciting addition to the stretch film dispenser market. When a roll of film is dropped, nothing protects the edge of the roll from getting damaged. The user either rolls off many layers of film to get past the “ding” or simply gets frustrated and changes film suppliers.

Great for use with XP Prestretched Films
to control tension and reduce friction and heat build-up.

The ‘Protector’ encourages repeat business and make a great give-away item

This dispenser extends wider than the diameter of the roll, it dispenses and protects at the same time. With stretch films getting thinner in gauge/micron the need for film edge protection is even greater

The Stretch Protector pays for itself by ensuring every inch of film gets used.

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