Prestige Cutterbox Foil


Item #DescriptionGaugeRls/CsCs/PltWeightCubic Ft.
221P12 X 1,000STD11898.500.15
285P18 X 500STD11686.500.15
281P18 X 1,000STD114012.900.25
286P18 X 500HD11689.500.25
282P18 X 1,000HD114018.000.25

Aluminum Foil Rolls, Cutterbox Film and Containers

‘Experience True Quality’
  • A premium alternative
  • Foil rolls available in standard and heavy duty
  • Foil Rounds ­ 7″, 9″
  • Foil Steam Tables ­ Half and Full Deep
  • Cutterbox Film Rolls
  • Kosher certified
  • In stock for immediate delivery