Printers Cling


A 75 gauge PVC film with a high cling and perforations for easy tearing.  It requires no heat shrink equipment and over wrapping coupled with high cling keeps packages closed. 

Item #SizeRls/CsCs/PltSheet/RollWeightCubic Ft.
PCW0112 X 12 Cling11891,0004.900.15
PCW0215 x 15 Cling11207005.880.18
PCW0318 x 18 Cling11206007.150.22
PCW0422 x 22 Cling1606008.770.25
PCW0524 x 24 Cling16050010.350.28
PCW0624 x 28 Cling16050011.990.28
PCW0720 x 20 Cling1606008.710.22