Three Compartment Hi-Divider And Lid


Item #DescriptionPackPer PltWeightCubic Ft.
5139-L2003 Compartment Hi – Divider Combo2003014.001.15
5139-L2503 Compartment Hi – Divider Combo2503016.001.35
5139-B3 Compartment Hi – Divider Bulk5003619.002.10
5139-L3 Compartment Hi – Board Lid50012513.000.32

Foil containers can be combined with food film, foil rolls and pallet wrap all shipping from same plant location making Western Plastics the perfect combination for distribution. Western Plastics aluminum rounds, containers, cater trays and steam tables. This product line is available through authorized distributors throughout the U.S.

Film and foil rolls are available under the Western Plastics label.

Western Plastics products are also available under distributors own private label with low minimums.

Foil Rounds and Lids

7, 8 and 9 inch foil containers are sturdy making it easy to store and transport food. Foil containers make it easy to heat food without changing containers. Also available with laminated lids and easy to see through clear dome lids. Dome lids provide damage protection by not touching the stored items. Foil laminated lids can be heated and helps to retain heat inside the container. Fold the edges over to hold lids tightly in place while moving. Easy to clean and reuse.