Wrapmaster Foil

Refill Rolls


Item #SizeRls/CsWeightCubic Ft
82012 X 500 STD29.400.40
82112 X 1,000 STD218.400.40
82218 X 500 STD212.600.60
82318 X 500 HD218.200.60


A Chefs Delight
It’s a safety dispenser for foodservice aluminum foil!

Designed for safe, maintenance free, high speed wrapping. Foilmaster’s unique features include stainless steel blade that is concealed for safety, a simple press of the lid that cuts cleanly every time, portability, durability & improved hygiene, $$$ savings with economic refill rolls.
Target markets: schools, delis, supermarkets, food chains, institutional kitchens.