Evolution Rover Pro

WP600 Evolution Rover Pro Robotic Wrapper
Western Plastics introduces a self-propelled robot pallet wrapper. The Evolution Rover Pro revolves around the load and is for palletized loads of every shape, dimension and weight. The Evolution Rover Pro is able to work in tight spaces. It has great battery autonomy and can be easily moved from one load to another in different and heavy work conditions.

- Small and easily carried
- Battery charger and battery indicator
- Sensor detects object height
- Chain driven film carriage
- Top and bottom cycles are adjustable
- PLC control and LCD text operate, reliable performance and easy to use. It can preset wrap mode and parameter as needed
- DC driver controls working speed
- With variable frequency soft starting and soft position function, the wrapping process is stable
- CE certification
- High efficiency and energy saving
- Easy maintenance

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Evo Rover Pro
Evolution Rover Pro

Evolution Rover
Evo Rover Pro Wrapper
Evolution Rover

WP601 Evolution Rover Robotic Wrapper

WP Evolution Rover Wrapper Pre-stretch self-walk wrapping machine utilizes a soft start/stop operation. This machine also features an automatic home position. The WP Rover Wrapper offers PLC control, reliable performance and easy operation.

The standard optoelectronic switch allows automatic test pallet height, not to be limited by size and weight of pallet. This machine offers high maneuverability, lower cost (uses pre-stretched film to save material) within a small packing space! Among other safety features is an audible sound signaling the start of a wrap cycle and a flashing light indicating when the machine is in operation.

- Battery charger and battery indicator
- Soft start + emergency stop + robot speed adjustable
- Film carriage is driven by chain
- Sensor detects the pallet height
- Top and bottom layers are adjustable

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LCD Display Screen
Prestretch head

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Evolution Rover with Air-Flow

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