Tub Evo

Evolution Wrapper Innovative solutions for complex problems

Western Plastics was charged with helping reduce a very large, annual damage claim on a high dollar item for a customer. Damages were occurring in-transit shipping of a large, single item on a 53-foot . The solution would need to be robust enough to protect the product during loading, unloading, and any additional handling.

Western Plastics diligently worked one-on-one with the customer.  Our team of experts outfitted our current Evolution Stretch Wrapper with a modification that allowed them to wrap their large molded product on the Evolution machine at high speed.  The Evolution machine’s technology coupled with our team’s modification and WXP31 film successfully wrapped the item securely enough that damages were minimized. 

The WXP31 film has exceptional memory and strength. This allows for a more secure wrap and keeps constant tension on the product.  The Evolution machine in combination with our WXP31 film have realized upwards of an 87% reduction in damages with millions of dollars of lost revenue and profit saved.

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