Ultra Grip Banding Film5 inch disposable rolls
Ultra gripsExtended core handles

Handy Wrap

Extended Core with
Tension Control Handles

Now available with
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formula film
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Ultra Grips Available in cast or blown film
Ultra Grips Disposable easy grip handles
Ultra Grips Greater control over tension giving more stretch / yield saving and load holding
Ultra Grips Prevents friction & heat buildup
Ultra Grips Controls stretch tension with a gentle squeeze
Ultra Grips Available in the same colors as standard Handywrap
Ultra-Grip is designed to generate improved margins for our authorized distributors.

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Item # Width Gauge Feet/Roll Rolls/Case Weight Cubic Ft. Request Quote
ULTRA02 5 80 1,000' 15 24.00 1.20 Get Quote Now
ULTRA03 5 120 700' 15 25.20 1.20 Get Quote Now
ULTRA04 10 80 1,000' 4 12.80 0.70 Get Quote Now
ULTRA01 20 80 1,000' 4 25.60 1.05 Get Quote Now
ULTRA05 20 120 700' 4 26.88 1.05 Get Quote Now
ULTRA06 30 80 1,000' 4 38.40 1.47 Get Quote Now
ULTRA07 30 120 700' 4 40.32 1.47 Get Quote Now

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