What is VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Pallet Wrap?

VCI RollReduce corrosion of ferrous products with VCI stretch film from Western Plastics. It costs up to six times less than paper/polywrap and stretches, so you can wrap, coils and other metal products, at the lowest material cost per pallet.

This patented film contains an additive that resists moisture and inhibits rust formation. It provides a protective over wrap that keeps dirt, dust, debris and moisture away from your product. VCI stretch film protects better than paper/poly wraps because VCI film provides a snug fit. Unlike loosely applied wraps, it hugs your pallet which prevents dirt and moisture from entering.


It can be machine applied so you can prepare pallets faster than with manually applied wraps. VCI film is formulated for superior strength, exceptional cling, and excellent tear and puncture resistance. It is available in different thickness to fit your packaging requirements, and it is recyclable to help minimize packaging waste.

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