XP Film Analysis

XP Converted film in the most cost effective film to use while wrapping versus  conventional handwrap as shown below in the analysis. 

Benefits of using XP Converted films

1. Less revolutions required to wrap pallet and so up to half the wrapping time required
2. Lighter weight roll to carry
3. Little or no stretching or pulling required and so less back strain
4. Less waste as rolls cannot be nicked
5. Less hazardous as now you can walk forward while wrapping

XP Converted Film vs. Conventional Handwrap Analysis

Control pallet dimensions42″ x 48″ x 4ft
Weight of pallet1,200 lbs
Force to load30 lbs
Number of revolutions8
Revolution overlap4″

Cut and Weigh Results

 Conventional HandwrapXP Converted Handwrap
Roll specifications14″ x 75g x 1,500′13.7″ x 1,500′
Roll weight6.3 lbs per roll4.38 lbs per roll
Roll price$6.88 per roll$6.69 per roll
# of revolutions107
Weight of film8.4oz/.53 lb3.34 oz/ .21 lb
Wrapped pallets per roll1222
Cost to wrap pallet.58¢ per pallet.31¢ per pallet
Savings 47% Savings