XP Patented Film Formulation

The Source Reduction Option

XP Films target the most competitive stretch wrap business
XP Engineered film reduces film use
XP Formula films also offer a significant cost saving alternative!
Lighter weight rolls are easier to use and cost less without a loss in performance. This unique film is working and strong right off the roll. XP formulation eliminates the need to stretch film to get maximum performance.
XP formula film available on all Handywrap, Ultragrip, and E-Z Bander products.

Film yield comparison tool

Film /GaugeRoll WeightWeight of Film-WrappedForce to Load# of Pallets Wrapped / RollRoll “Street” PriceCost/Pallet Wrapped
63 Gauge Enhanced5,000′ = 25.75#9.75 oz38 lbs per sq.in.42$40$0.94
50 Gauge Enhanced9,000′ = 36#8.40 oz35 lbs per sq.in.68$53.25$0.78
47 Gauge Enhanced10,000′ = 35.5″8.40 oz30 lbs per sq. in.6053.90$0.87
11 micron (43 gauge) Enhanced10,500′ = 35.25#9.20 oz30 lbs per sq.in.*57$54.30$0.90
XP Film 31 Engineered / Prestretched 6,000′ = 18.85# 5.85 oz 36 lbs per sq.in.51$41.65$0.80